Hopfield Network

Step 1. Run Program5Z_1.exe

Step 2. Click the ‘Set #1’ button. (Button ①). The top 5 pictures of the first column will be copied into the 5 empty boxes labeled as ⑤. When ‘Set #2’ is clicked, the first 5 pictures of the second column will be selected.

Step 3. Click ‘Create Memory’ (Button ③) and wait for the program to create a Hopfield memory using the 5 pictures selected above.

Step 4. Check the pictures stored in the memory. The 5 pictures stored in the created memory will be shown in the same order in the boxes labeled ⑥.

Step 5. Click ‘Test Memory’ (Button ④) and drag the bottom picture of the first column into the box ⑨. This picture is the same as the first picture in the same column even though its lower part is corrupted.

Step 6. Click ‘Run’ button ⑦ and wait to see an image displayed in box ⑩. One can see that the Hopfield network has produced the original image that was used in generating the network when a corrupted version of the image is input.

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