An Artificial Neural Network Playing a Game Automatically

Step 1. Run Program8Z.exe

Step 2. Try clicking ‘Stop’ button ② and ‘Continue’ button ③ to stop the balloon moving or to continue the balloon to move.

Step 3. Click the ‘Take Data’ button ④ to start a game on the right-hand side. The screen image will be changed to an image shown below. Location of the balloon will be recorded. The game must be played until the score ① is 100. Each time when the score is increased, the positions at the right or left wall where the ball came from and the location on the paddle will be recorded. The recorded positions will be used for the training of an artificial neural network. 

Step 4. Click the ‘Return’ button ⑧ to stop the game on the right-hand side screen. Then on the left-hand side screen, click ‘Learn’ button ⑤ to start training of the neural network. The number of iterations is set to 100,000.


Step 5. Click ‘Auto’ button (⑥) to start the automatic game play. The game will be played on the right-hand side screen.

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