An Artificial Neural Network Performing Addition and Subtraction

Step 1. Run Program9Z.exe

Step 2. Click the ‘Initialize’ button (①), set the number of iterations to 2,000 and click (③) to start training the neural network. When the training is completed the RMS error will be displayed.

Step 3. Click ‘Eight’ under button (④) and check the box ‘Enter Problem’ to see what is written. Now, click (⑤) to enter ‘minus’ in the ‘Enter Problem’ box. Next, click (⑥) to enter ‘Three’. The result is shown in the above figure.

Step 4. Click ‘Run neural network #1” (button ⑦) to run the first neural network with input ‘Eight Minus Three’. The computed result will be displayed as ‘5-3’ on the right side of the button.

Step 5. Now, we move to the second neural network on the right side of the screen. Click ‘Initialize’ button (⑧), followed by ‘Num Repeat’ button (⑨) to set the number of iterations to 2,000. Then click ‘Learn’ (⑩) to start learning. Note that a set of input expressions like “8-5” and the corresponding output like “3” are predefined inside the program.

Step 6. When the training is completed, the RMS error will be displayed. Now, to check the output for the given input, click the “Run Neural Net #2” (Button ). The result will be displayed next to the button.

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