Artificial Neural Networks Handling Characters and Integers

Step 1. Run Program7Z_1.exe

Step 2. Click Problem #1 (①) and number of iterations (Button ③) to set it to 1,000.

After that,

Step 3. Click the ‘Learn’ button (④) to start learning conversion of ‘Importance’ to ‘Meaningful’, ‘Happiness’ to ‘Contentment’, and ‘However’ to ‘Nonetheless’.

In the blank area where ⑤ is, the temporary output produced by the artificial neural network is displayed as shown below. We have found out how neural network learns similar words. Now, we will train an artificial neural network to memorize words of opposite meaning.

Step 4. Click Problem #2 (②).

Set the number of iterations to 1,000 and click ‘Learn’ button to start training.

We will find out how the neural network memorizes words of opposite meaning as the number of iterations increases.

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